The coffee machine is an attribute of most modern offices. Many employees start their day with a cup of aromatic coffee. This morning ritual sets the rhythm for the working day.
What are the office coffee machines? Coffee brewers - Turk and geyser coffee maker are not suitable for the office. To brew coffee in them, you need a stove. But this does not mean that drink lovers will give up “dope” in the workplace. Even without a coffee machine, employees will drink coffee in the morning, diluting the instant powder with boiling water from an electric kettle. In addition to the fact that it is not always tasty, it is also unhealthy. It is better to use natural coffee beans, but this requires a special coffee machine.
Our company "Mosenc" is ready to offer the most profitable deal for bureaus and offices throughout Riga. Choose a coffee machine, place your order, and we ourselves will deliver you a professional automatic bean coffee machine with adjustable settings and minimal human intervention in the preparation process. The coffee machine prepares espresso, americano, latte and cappuccino. The best coffee is freshly ground.

10 days of use - absolutely free! As a gift - 0.5 kg of Rigas Kafija grain coffee.

Moreover, if you have an old or non-working coffee machine, we can come and replace it with ours, so that you can make sure of our professionalism and quality of Mosenc coffee during a 10-day free period. You can also find out about our service for repairing old coffee machines and free temporary replacement of an old coffee pot during the repair.

For more information - contact us by phone +371 29 808 787 or by email