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The Company Mosenc is one of the leading Latvian enterprises that manufactures coffee and chocolate products. The technical ability of the Mosenc enterprise gives an opportunity to fulfill a cycle of productions. The newest equipment can be adjusted to needs of a customer, for example, the level of roasting and different types of packaging. Clients are able to order the name of a brand and packaging with their own trademark.

We suggest wide choices of production and services of highest quality. Mosenc enterprises have a wide range of technology, modern equipment of the latest generation from world-known companies and a laboratory for making unique coffee blends. In our enterprise work highly qualified and experienced staff.

Our system gives a chance to find a pathway to every client individually.

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A/S "SwedBank", HABALV22

Mazā lubānas iela 4,
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The official representative
of the coffee brand "DAORE" in Lithuania:

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